Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Track Out Adventures ~ Photos To Remember

I'm an entire track out behind on photos and memories...again!
But nevertheless, I'm determined to keep it going.

So here are some favorite memories and photos from the last track out
between the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Backyard sunsets before the garden took over, ha!

An evening with Nils Frahm. One of the BEST shows Josh and I have ever been to!
A visit with two little Safe Families lovies

Friends. Friends. Friends.

Celebrating a goal

The owners of the Colony Coffee Shop

Creativity at its finest, using the contents from the recycling bin.
Jude's gas tank for his bicycle.

Cai's virtual reality goggles.

Zeke's candy machine contraption.

Library book reading all day er' day

plenty of fort time

More bicycle riding at Nonnie and G-Daddy's

March Madness bracketology!

Journey days with Daddy

We had to say goodbye to Toby and Ace.
Rainy is still grieving them:(

Jemma is always begging for something, lol

Sibling sleep-overs!

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