Friday, May 3, 2019

MayVia Adventures To Forest Ridge Park

Next up on the MayVia tour of Wake County Parks and Rec was Forest Ridge Park.

This park was AMAZING!

It does have a playground, but this crew decided to hit the trails instead.  But first we went into the welcome center to get the complimentary backpacks stocked with binoculars, butterfly nets, maps, critter info cards, sketch pads and other gear to help us along the way.

Missy got to join in on this round so we had a little more backup!

We had a quick informational meeting before embarking on our journey, since we have a small village to keep in line, ha!

And then we took off to see what we could find.

Josh met up with us on his lunch break and snapped a cute pic of the kids altogether.

We found a few bugs along the way, and that was cool, but we loved just letting the kids run without a care in the world.

First we came up on this beautiful opening with a place to wade around in the water.

After we hung out a while we decided to keep following the trail...
and that is when the big open lake appeared!

The kids couldn't get there quick enough!

The sand was a favorite!  It was black and speckled with what looked like glitter.

It didn't take long for the kids to realize that they were at the water!

One by one they began to take their shoes and socks off and wade in the water.  But they kept getting deeper and deeper and caring less and less about their clothes getting wet...until Zeke decided he was just going to go for it and went all in.  The rest of the kids quickly followed suit.

We stayed as long as we possibly could before packing up to make the trek back to the car and head home.  The walk back was quite a bit slower, but full of stories from the day.

Someone (aka Josh) even left us clues so that we wouldn't get lost on the way back:)

We still want to keep making our rounds to new areas, but this park will definitely be revisited in the near future!

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