Friday, April 12, 2019

2018 Backlog - Three Christmas's

Christmas Number One
The Litke Christmas

My mom crocheted monster's for each of the kids.
Custom made!
Except, I guess the senior in high school was a bit too old for 
a stuffed animal monster so he opted for the drinkable kind:)

My sister made this monster when she was in 8th grade.
I'm not sure when he started getting so antsy, but every time he comes out 
for the season we find him in the most obscure places.
This year we found him climbing a tree outside, sitting on the toilet
and taking a nap.  We never know where he'll show up next.

Christmas Number Two
Our Family Christmas + One Extra Special Family

We love waking up in our own beds on Christmas.
This year we invited another family to join us.
It was quiet and simple.
And the kids spent the entire day playing together with their new toys.

Christmas Number Three
Via Christmas

We had to rent a car to head out of town because we didn't have enough seats.

This is basically what the rest of Via Christmas looks like.
A blur with more people than you can count, ha!
But crazy is always fun for the short time we get it.

Poor Uncle Heelz was sick:(

Jumping jacks always help to stay awake on the ride home.

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