Friday, April 12, 2019

2018 Backlog - Fall Photo Dump

It's always an adventure when the MayVia girls get together.

This particular adventure was a bit more gruesome than normal, ha!
They went hiking in the woods, caught minnows and brought them back as pets.
The pets were dead by the time they got home,
so their next thought was to spear them and cook them over a fire, lol.

Heidi helping me paint "barn" doors to hang in Homesteads room

Rainy, Toby and Ace playing in the beautiful sun.

Date Night
Soccer, soccer and MORE soccer

Jude and his boat
 Cai and Homestar battling it out on the soccer field

When you like to hang out with your best friends daughter at weddings:)

Erica and I manning the Foster Closet truck.  
Man, I'm gonna miss her when she moves to Honduras...

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