Friday, February 22, 2019

2018 Backlog - Photos From The Archives

I'm not even sure what Jude dressed up for,
but I don't think he could get any cuter!

When we have friends over it always comes in multiples, ha!
Addison and Chloe are some of our faves.

I am also well aware that the Mayhugh's and the Via's 
are very closely integrated!

And we are all together you better watch out
because we will TAKE OVER!

Soccer season is fun for the whole family.
The girls get to play together...

...and so do the boys!
In fact, going home right after the game just doesn't ever seem to be an option.

I love this shot of Alethia on the long board.

And this photo of Cai quietly reading is one of my all time favorites too!

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