Monday, August 6, 2018

Micaiah Joel Turns 9

Today we celebrate the day Cai came into this world!
He was by far my easiest delivery.

He may have cried his entire first year of existence (not entirely true, but kind of, lol)
but this kid has grown into a world class comedian
making it his personal mission to make everyone around him laugh
(no matter what the cost sometimes).

He says his favorite things right now are:
soccer - he has become obsessed with this sport and learning it in detail
food - he is VERY passionate about his food
art - he is an AMAZING artist!

He is super creative and a very hard worker when he sets his mind to something.

His hair is gorgeous
and his smile is adorable.

His laugh is contagious
and his heart is sweet.

He asks a million questions and wants to know every detail
(of everyone's conversations, ha!)

Cai, it is an absolute pleasure to be your mom. You certainly keep the atmosphere full of life around here!  We continue to pray that you will be a man of Truth and I believe you are living up to your namesake and pray that you will continue to walk closely to Jesus.
Happy birthday buddy!
Love, Mom

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