Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Via Vacay 2018 ~ Installment 6: Injury stats, And final farewells


Sleep that looks like this...

Good attitudes in spite of multiple injuries.

3 people pinched by crabs in the water
(2 of which drew blood!)

1 shoeless kid, who will remain unnamed, walked through a patch of pretty gnarly cactus
and an older brother who went in to save him.

Unmentionable rashes and such.

So many bug bites we can't even count.
Rainy named the neon green and brown horse flies, "devil bugs".
The first night my entire knee swelled up and I counted 12 bites just on the knee cap.

Enough left in us to document a few more adventures on the way home.
Josh stopped THREE separate times at different locations for me to take pictures!

Feeding seagulls on the run

So many stories to remember from encounters we got to share with other people.

I only post this picture to brag on my kids, especially Cai.
This kid in the photo below, who had just barely turned 18 was sharing his life story all because our kids showed interest in his life (and his cute little puppy).  The kids were so in tune with what he was saying and engaging him in conversation by asking questions and keeping the conversation going that 
Josh and I were simply present, allowing the kids to do 90% of the talking.

And this wasn't rare.
We had SEVERAL opportunities to engage with others,
especially from the camp site.
Everybody was there to unplug and just relax, so this large family
with a bunch of kids who love hearing stories and asking a million questions 
were not only tolerated but welcomed!

It helped that we created constant entertainment while our boys choreographed 
fight scenes on the beach while using their floaties as body armor, ha!

As a mom, it was so cool to watch my kids practicing this lost art of sitting and listening.

Josh created the Colony snack truck on the ferry.
The kids would call out their order through the cracks of the car and Josh would whip it right up.
It was pretty impressive!

Body's Island Light House

We passed by this old warn down "water park".
So naturally Josh had to stop and let me take some pictures of it. 

What a fantastic trip we had.
We can't wait to see what adventures we come up with for next year!

Thanks for enjoying it with us:)

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