Sunday, November 12, 2017

Alethia Grace Turns NINE!

The past couple of days have been super special for us.

Little did we know that it was the day before our future daughter's 2nd birthday!

Today just so happens to be Orphan Sunday,
which is wrapped around Adoption Awareness month (November).

This month also holds so many memories from 2011.
We were praying for a miracle to get our entire family on a plane on November 20th
(the last possible day for me to travel with my high-risk pregnancy),
Which we now know didn't happen.
The VISA denial was sent to Nairobi and, because we didn't know any better,
were beginning to think that we were going to lose this precious girl that had just joined our family.

But here she is...with her in America.
Turning NINE years old!

She is full of life and emotion.
She is a fiercely loyal friend.
She LOVES to read.
Purple is her long-standing favorite color.
She has her own unique sense of style;).
Her favorite thing to do, by far, is play family 
with her stuffed animals, Barbie's or siblings.
She is quick to obey,
loves to be a helper and
is sensitive to those around her.

Alethia Grace,
You have taught me so much about love. You have taught me so much about digging deeper.  You are beautiful inside and out and my prayer is that you will learn to be more and more confident in who God has made you to be as you begin your own personal journey with Him.  I am beyond blessed to call you MINE!  I love you.  Happy Birthday!
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