Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Photos (minus Holy Week)

Because I deleted social media off of my phone this week
(BEST decision EVER!)
I have a LOT of photos so I'm doing a separate post with our Holy Week activities.

Laithy and I snuck out to get our first (and only) Cadbury eggs of the season

Jude came home from Journey on Sunday SO excited to fill up his sticker chart
as he memorized his verse this week.

Jude has been asking me every day if I would wear my hair down.
I finally asked him why and he said:"because you look pretty, and you wear real clothes when your hair is down.
Work out clothes are NOT real clothes!"
So I've been working hard on getting showers every day, wearing REAL clothes and keeping my hair down, ha!

This has always been our thing.
Josh and I got in a little birthday 5K this morning

Yup, Josh found this guy slithering around on our back porch.
The chickens didn't even want to be around this guy!

Rainy made Josh's favorite, cheesecake bars, so we could celebrate his birthday
at rehearsal with the worship team last night.

Jude's first "rock painting creation" from the gift he picked out for his daddy's birthday.
Some of the rock painting creations
Zeke was working hard carving arrows for his Ugandan bow that his Uncle bought for him.

Areyna has been a reading machine lately!
She is on her last book of the Pegasus series.  The last book didn't even last her 48 hours!
Heading to one of our favorite spots in Rolesville per daddy's request for his birthday


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