Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Photos

Yeah, we got chickies today.
This is our 3rd batch of chickens and we LOVE raising them!
And we certainly don't complain about the eggs we get from them either, ha!

We finally got a good rain to help the pollen die down.
The colony garden was certainly grateful for the showers this morning as well.

Alethia is our bookworm and apparently she was needing some bookmarks to keep her place(s).

The boys had a pow-wow to discuss their first day back in school after track out.

Areyna, journals and sunsets...some of my favorite things!

Daddy got special treats for the kids after their first day back in school.

Rainy is back in the kitchen cooking up yummy goodies for the Colony.
This particular recipe was Cinnamon Swirl Cake and it was delicious!

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