Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Photos

Because I'm working on simplifying,

because I'm working on less voices in my life
in order to hear more clearly HIS voice,

because putting down my phone 
and picking up my REAL camera tends to slow me down,

I have been simply enjoying my life
through the lens of my camera.

I am so very far from being a "photographer"
(besides, I don't ever really want the pressure of that title anyway)
and I don't really know how to capture what is in my head 
during the editing process with my limited resources and lack of knowledge,

but I LOVE photos, and color, and capturing sweet moments of my life.
And so often I miss those moments,
or on the other hand, want to bottle them up to keep forever.

So I will probably be posting more photos for a while.

Not because I need affirmation as a photographer,
not because I'm trying to have award winning shots,
but simply to help me count the blessings,
even the everyday little things,
that so often go unnoticed.

Josh's Bible. The worn out pages. The words that have spoken to his heart.

Library day. Zeke and Jude reading so sweetly together on the hammock on a beautiful day.

Rainy and her beloved Daisy.  She bought her hamster with her own money.  She has brought so much joy to the Colony.

Jude busy at work on a project after watching the workers demo our bathroom.

Daddy's day off means undivided attention from the man who we all miss so much during the week.

My handsome Cai-bo with the most gorgeous hair!

Planting a garden together in the ghetto tire that is in our backyard, ha!

Jude and Cai worked together on this contraption.
The connected the hose to the bottom of this swimming noodle and it would shoot the marbles out.

I love pictures of splashing water. I don't know why.
Maybe it is action being held still that makes it so intriguing to me.

Chicken watching and book reading

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