Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I turned a whopping 38 yesterday!

I think it's a pretty normal thing NOT to feel your age, but MAN I don't feel
I'm afraid my wrinkles smile creases would beg to differ;)

Birthdays are such a weird thing.

I try not to care about the day that it is, and just carry on as usual.
But I always, in the back of my mind, feel like it should "feel" different than the rest of the days.

But anxiety held me hostage for a majority of my day.
Which is pretty typical on cold, gloomy, rainy winter days.
That's the thing about anxiety, it doesn't care if it's your birthday or not.
It just IS when it wants to be.
And so I spent a lot of my day fighting.

But I'll tell you what made it a little brighter...

My friend, Kristina, made me a birthday cake for small group on Sunday!  And it was DELICIOUS!

Waking up to our infamous "Happy Birthday" banner.  Because everyone in the Colony knows that it really isn't a birthday until that banner is hung high!

A strawberry butter and croissant breakfast made by none other than my Areyna Joy.

Which was consumed AFTER I ate my first breakfast made by my sweet hubby before he headed to work.

Homemade birthday cards hidden in nooks and crannies of the house for me to find.

Flowers delivered to my front door.
And the softest little bear that came with them.
I named him "Boo" because my Boo gave them to me.
The boys like to fight over him because he is so cuddly.  Big surprise.

The fact that my sister-in-law tried her hardest to get ahold of me from Africa.
Africa, people!
Now THAT is a sweet gift:-)

Zeke came running home from school so excited to give me ice cream that he bought at school with his own was the sweetest and saddest moment of the entire day when he flung open his lunchbox.  He was devastated!  We worked through it though.  Besides he already has a date planned for me for this weekend to Chick-Fil-A (using a Christmas gift card) and a trip to the market to pick out my very own flowers just from him.  Birthday's are so important to this kid, ha!

Jude's Strawberry Banana Tapereen.

Made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls from Rainy were the perfect afternoon snack.
My family must REALLY think I enjoy food, hahaha!

A dinner date with my Boo.

And my FAVORITE...

A birthday letter in "the blue book".  Josh purchased this book when he was living in Uganda while we were dating.  He wrote letters to and prayers for me every day while he was away.  The rest of the book has been sprinkled with sweet memories as he has written letters to me on special days, hard days and memorable moments throughout the years.  I spent the rest of my night, cuddled up with my husband in bed, reading through old letters from him out of this book.

It was a sweet day, even in the midst of the mental battle.
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