Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Teaching Your Kids To Be IN The World, But Not OF The World ~ KITW

“How do you love the sinner without loving the sin?”
Hasn’t this been the age-old question?
Our kids started out being homeschooled, but after some complications we decided to enroll 2 of our 5 kids into the public school that was practically in our backyard. We have been blown away with the support they have given our now 4 children who attend  their school. We are in consistent communication with all of their teachers and the special resources department has been better than we could have ever imagined for our special needs child.
But the decision to place our kids in the public school system has also opened up many other opportunities for discussion, and ministry, and service. We have been able to open up our home to classmates and their families. And we have been able to begin conversations about the very real world we live in. We’ve decided not to shelter our kids in this area. We are in it to get dirty for Christ and to shine brightly for Him!
But how in the world do you teach your children about the world without being judgmental of the world that tends to do things so differently from your family? {Read More...}
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