Friday, December 4, 2015

When You Miss The Blessing From Prayer

I have heard of some amazing events and occurrences that have taken place because of audacious prayers.

My little niece, who lives in Uganda, prayed over a deaf man and he regained his hearing!

Can you imagine?!

Praying for a miracle and it happening right in front of your very eyes!

And I have also personally experienced specific prayers of mine coming to fruition after fervent, consistent prayer.

That is an AWESOME feeling!
Knowing that I got to play a part.
Knowing that I have been praying specifically for something and God answers the prayer with a resounding "yes".

What I have found is that prayer isn't just for the person or situation being prayed for/over.

It is for the pray-er too.

The people on their knees calling out to their Father.

Prayer is our communication to God.
And His response and answer to prayer reassuring us of His love for us.
His longing relationship with us.
Prayer confirms that He listens to us and answers those requests with our best interest in mind.

But what about those times when we hear of the miracle, are thanked for praying through that situation with others, only to be faced with the reality that you didn't even get to play a part in the miracle because...
you feared praying the audacious.
You were too busy to set the time aside to pray consistently.
You brushed off the request by spouting off a quick, generic prayer just to say you prayed for the situation.
Your prayer life has been stagnant and you selfishly neglected to get involved.

God wants His kids to be a part of the blessings of prayer.
We miss out on being a part of life change, and miracles, and growing faith when we choose NOT to jump on board with where the Lord is working through the prayers of His children.

And that is a sobering place to be.

Let's get off the sideline and jump back into the game.
God makes the plays, but allows us to be players and experience the blessings through our active prayer life if we will just get involved.

Whole-hearted, audacious prayers breed blessing, assurance and a growing faith.
And I for one don't want to miss a bit of it!
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