Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just A Few Thoughts From Jude the Dude

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jude and mom.
and they were eating marshmallows all day
and they put it on a cracker.
and the crackers were all gone.
the end.


once upon a time we were in our house and the food was all gone
there was some more pizza left over
and they ate it and ate it
the end


once upon a time there was mommy and daddy and Jude riding in the car and going and riding and going to meme, no, SiSi's house
and he was all ready for school
and jude was all ready for school too
and I had to get my book bag at my house
and I go to school school school
and I played with tractors when I got back from school
and post it on the list
the end


What is a mommy?
a mommy goes to the school and goes to the store. and she cuts apples
and she waters flowers and she gets the remote control cars down

What do daddy's do?
get their shoes on and get the remote control cars down and read their books.
and when it's sprinklin' and snowin' they gode outside and have hot chocolate all day

What do big brothers do?
they play on their desk and color on their desk.
that's all they do

what do sisters do?
they put lipstick on and put a dress on.
that's all.

What does a Ju-ju like to do?
play with hot wheels.  My OWN hot wheels.
Play with lightning' McQueen cars
I like to pet dogs
I like to play and read books and color when its nighttime

Why does mommy have to give you consequences sometimes?
because I keep getting out of bed
but I don't like them because they're not fun

If I was a daddy I would get big shoes on and read books and sleep in a BIIIIIG bed.

Who is Jesus?
I'm not tellin' you
I'm just kidding!
I just can't tell you right now.

I have some more things to say:  I like Meme and Poppie's popsicles at their house and my bed. I like going to Journey with daddy because I always get desserts and stuff.

That's all.
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