Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Transformation - The Birth Of A Pergola: Part 2 - The Details

Here are some of the necessary details to help this project come together.

We scoured the yard for rock and brick to help level the deck all around.

The lattice to fill in the gaps in the wood.
To the right you can see where we need to add the rest of the lattice.

The floating pallets help give options for expanding the area for different occasions and views.

I found some extra burlap for curtain ties, and used the tablecloth packaging for two more.

~candles and color~
Two of my favorite things!
(they are a must for repelling bugs anyway, ha!)

the tension rods to go around the upper perimeter

outdoor lighting

I found the hanging planters at the Dollar Store
I made the other two out of extra rocks and bricks around the yard.
We'll see how hardy these ferns are:)

Besides covering the top eventually,
we still need to find some kind of plexiglass or plastic cover for the table and benches to keep water from sitting in the crevices of the doors table/benches

And that wraps up my project of the month!

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