Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ear Candy From Over A Decade Gone By

Josh came home with an old CD player that he found.  The boys quickly claimed it for their nighttime music listening pleasures, but it has also been accompanied by hours and hours of fun.

Josh and I have always loved underground ska, punk, emo and screamo bands.  If you know anything about our story you know that we fell in love in a mosh pit and spent the majority of our dating relationship going to late-nite shows in sketchy neighborhoods:)

So when Zeke came across our rather large CD collection from college (and before) his eyes grew bigger than saucers and quickly began sampling the "ancient" tunes.

Today's hits are a compilation of:
     Josh Via's ~ "Funny Looking Cape" (limited edition;)
     Nathaniel The Grublet (this one got me through the hospital days when I was a little girl)
     Andy Hunter
     Thursday (Zeke's personal favorite so far!)
     Engine Down
     the Juliana Theory

It has been so fun to hear these songs and remember the memories that are associated with them.
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