Monday, April 27, 2015

The Weeds In My Lungs Bring A Renewed Perspective This Morning

Our riding lawnmower is in the shop.

But it is spring.
And we've had LOTS of rain.
And the grass weeds just keep growing.
Which means that it needs to be mowed.

With the push mower.

Since I had assigned Josh the task of making a chicken coop for the "ladies" I decided to get a workout in by mowing the grass weeds.

5 hours later and I was done.

And about 12 hours later my body was feeling it.
Not just the normal tingling hands from pushing a vibrating lawnmower for 5 hours, or the sore legs from trimming the hill in the front yard, but it was more of the allergy kind.  You know, where you feel like you have a hay bale stuck in your throat and pollen coating your lungs and eyeballs?

The sneezing, coughing, sore chest and throat have been less-than welcomed during our slow-paced, rainy weekend.

BUT, it's in times like this where I am forced to slow down, that I get to, well...SLOW DOWN!

My to-do list is very minimal today:
Prepare a healthy dinner for the Colony
Catch up on laundry
and be present

I'm a pretty self-motivated person and I LOVE checking things off of my list.
But often times my to-do list consists of THINGS, not PEOPLE.
And it doesn't take long for me to get so consumed with the THINGS on my to-do list that I neglect the little people that need their mama present and attentive.

So today, that's a priority.

It's pretty sad that my body has to be the one to help me re-prioritize this kind of perspective, but I'm grateful it does.  And I pray that I will always be willing to take advantage of this constant reminder of what is truly important.
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