Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wonderful Words

I love that God gave us the ability to use words.

to communicate
to process
to correct
to encourage
to love
to think
to process
to worship.

But over the past couple of weeks my mind has been whirling with words.

I've tried to sit down to write a post several times but I can't seem to focus on one thought in order to write a flowing post.

I know it's just a blog and I know it's just another post, but for me it is an outlet.
A way to process.

And nothing seems to be coherent in my head.

Therefore I am going to worship God by recounting some of the recent blessings in my life.
Not only does it bring praise the the Heavenly Father, it reminds me of how much I am loved by Him.  He truly loves His children in even the smallest of things.

My diffuser broke a couple of weeks ago.
Not only did the company replace the broken one for FREE, but gave me TWO to replace my ONE.

God has placed the right people in our lives at just the right time to get help for our Zeke.

I went to fill a prescription last night and it was over $86 for the generic.  I asked if the worker could help find ANY kind of discount.  All of a sudden the total went down to $10.  Her jaw dropped in surprise as she looked at me and stated, "I don't know what just happened but your total just went down to $10 and I'm not going to question it.  I'm printing the receipt label right now."  Praise the Lord!

The weather has been wonderful outside.  The kids first week of track-out has been spent playing in the fields around our house, catching tadpoles and frogs, playing in the bunny bush and glueing leaf collections on paper.

My mom, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, has gotten appointments at just the right times and she is holding fast to her Heavenly Father, which is so beautiful to see.

The ColonyShop has stayed busy, busy, busy, but I only tend to get orders on days that I can handle it. If it is a day full of appointments or temperamental children I don't get orders, but days like today I get 2 orders.  The Lord knows exactly how much I can handle and when.

Jude still takes naps.  Need I say more, ha!

I am cared for. I am provided for.  I am loved.
My family is healthy.
The Colony kids tend to love each other (most of the time;).

Life isn't easy.
And, because of sin, it never will be.
But I can always lean into God.

He's got me.
And I'm thankful for it.
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