Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Fickel People

It has been absolutely NUTS around here over the past week (more on that tomorrow) that I didn't even realize, until going to church today, that it was Palm Sunday.

The beginning of Holy Week!
(you know, that little week that inspired a book that was written by a certain Colony mom:)

When Pastor Jimmy made reference to the fact that today was Palm Sunday my brain completely froze. For some reason those words reminded me of how fickle we as humans are.

One day we are praising God and telling him how wonderful and powerful He is.  Throwing our Palm branches down at His feet and giving our lives to Him.
The next we are doubting Him to actually move in the huge way we need Him to and questioning His ability to do a miraculous work in the giant in front of us.  And for some of us, even blaming Him for the season that we are in, which in essence, is like picking up a hammer in our own hands to dig those nails into his wrists ourselves.

We are a fickle people.
A fickle people that He sent His only Son to earth for.
A fickle people whom He loved so much that He gave His Son up for US!
A fickle people that He loved too much to allow us to pay our own price for our sinful, fickle nature.

Today I was reminded of how truly blessed I am to have a God that loves me, regardless of what I've done and how many times I turn my back on Him.

Today is the beginning of Holy Week.
Let's try to use this week to focus on just how Big our God is and all that He has done for us.
Our fickle, human selves.
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