Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Day In The Life ~ Story In Pictures

Jude lives quite the extravagant (and predictable) life.

I've done these posts before where I lay out my day in pictures for you all to see,
but today I wanted you to view a day from Jude's perspective!

The pictures are blurry, fuzzy, un-staged and un-edited
just like the rest of our crazy life.

He wakes up every morning ready for bwetwest (ie-breakfast)
asking for cereal by saying some word that I have no idea how to write.

As soon as he finishes his last bite he climbs down from his seat and begins the rest of his morning ritual...laying around on the couch begging for someone to "sit on da couch and cuddoe wit me"

most mornings I am scurrying around getting the rest of the Colony their breakfast
while finishing up the touches on their lunches and snacks for school while calling out
for them to get their shoes and socks on, put their jammies away
and "don't forget your book bag Cai!"

But then, THEN I get to sit on da couch and cudoe with my cutie:)

We begin with sweet cuddles while talking about the day ahead
followed by a Praise Baby and Daniel Tiger while mommy gets the house in order

And then it's time for a stroll/jog

which usually ends with a stir-crazy Jude who wants to walk and push his own stroller

snack time with "Cookie Balls" is next on the to-do list.
(Yup, that recipe will be posted soon.  It's a weekly Colony favorite!)

Followed by a few errands to pick up milk from the local "creamery"
where we have to support his NC Agricultured ice cream efforts

and most of the time Jude weasels his way into my heart for "a bite of yoes"

He is my little shadow.
He can now start a load of dishes in the dishwasher himself,
get his own lunch items out of the frig
bring me the next load of laundry and help me get it going

and is always up for helping me get dinner prep going 

after a hearty lunch we head out to the ColonyShop to work on some orders

play with trains

or run around naked on a warm fall afternoon

shortly after his bare bootie shenanigans you will find him hiding in a corner from me
as I search for him to put him down for a nap

A couple of hours later he emerges as the sweetest cuddle bug EVER

and hits up a few selfies as we wait for the time to go get the kids from school

then the REAL fun begins!
He LOVES to play with his brothers and sisters!

Then its back to work in the kitchen to get dinner on the table

The rest of the evening consists of a whirlwind of homework,
cleaning up dinner, putting our house back together, chores and family "commotions".

You'll find him rocking and chanting himself to sleep to the sound of daddy's music late into the night.

Another day complete in the life of little Jude.

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