Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Transformation ~ of the fireplace variety

After almost 5 years of this...

we finally lightened up our living room with paint
but that didn't fix our fireplace "problems"

after 2 inspections and lots of work we fixed all the issues with our fireplace
which included the removal of the wood burning stone
(apparently it wasn't installed properly and had lots of years of damage to the chimney to prove it,
including, but not limited to smoke damage, chimney fire damage,
water damage, cracked sealant, closed damper...)

after the work was complete we went to town on the paint job
we put a primer down and then chose a warm latte color
and finally figured out how to install the mantle that had been in our storage since before we moved in
(thank you baby!)
I suppose I should have gotten a better photo but I was tired
and the iPhone was closer
and the fireplace was beckoning me:)

Another job complete.
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