Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sitting In The Wind

The breeze has been more of a whirlwind around here lately.

Not because of the craziness that comes with being a mom of this crazy Colony,
because there is NO escaping that (ha!),
but the craziness of a fallen world.

The sickness and disease.
The hungry and the hurting.
The sin and it's consequences.
The constant reminders that this world is not our home.

Sometimes I sit in the gentle breeze of ignorance,
choosing to let life drift, knowing that the crazy is just outside, but not wanting to get involved.

Not today.
Today is mine.
It feels too safe here.
I need the safe, even if it's just for a short time.
I want to be in control.
And if I want to be in control I can't allow the unpredictability of the world in.
Because then I might crumble.

Regardless of the intention behind this ignorance
I know from experience that this is my time to prepare.
It is my time to get ready for the valley.
Whether it is my valley or someone else's.
Because I have been called, as a believer, to carry other's burdens with them.
It is an honor (albeit, a difficult one) to walk through a valley with someone else.

Life has a way of showing itself, regardless of how hard you fight to keep it out.
But I think that's God.
Allowing us to keep from aimlessly drifting for too long.
We are to live life on purpose
and sometimes that means bracing ourselves for the crumbling walls as the wind comes rushing in.

We weren't meant to drift.
We were meant to thrive [in Christ].
And sometimes thriving mandates the harsh winds of this fallen world to blow down the barriers, the safe, in order to bring back the perspective that can only come in times like these.

Today I am sitting in the wind.
I see it.
I feel it's chilling effects all around me.
The effects of the wind which God created and has complete control over.

Today I have a fresh perspective.
Today I am loving on my kids and squeezing my husband tight.
Today I am not rushing around distracted by the laundry or the dishes.
Today I am praying a lot.
Today I am just sitting in the wind.
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