Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Sweetest Act Of Selflessness

The Colony heads out to the Lake for our annual Via Vacation tomorrow afternoon.  Josh left with a long list of things he needed to get done before he can mentally check out from work, and my list was growing and growing as I work my angle of closing up shop around here on the home front.

I started the day with a gazillion little things to do (they'll get done easy enough) and two pretty hefty projects; mow the grass after the monsoon we just had and Alethia's hair...need I say more?!

After the breakfast mania died down I headed out to mow the grass.  Now, we have about an acre to mow and the time varies on how long it takes to mow it depending on the amount of pre-yard cleanup (sticks, lego houses, scooters, stray shoes and socks and children;).  Then you have to factor in if Josh and I are going to tag-team the yard or if one of us can run interference with the colony.  Or if we forgot to fill up the gas can...all to say, it can take anywhere between 2-6 hours.

And today I was prepared for the full six hours.  With all 5 kids at home, the riding lawn mower broken down and Josh gone, it was bound to take a huge chunk of my day.  But I was prepared.

I set out on my first stretch of yard.  I got about 1/3 of the way down before being interrupted by Zeke who needed something.  Then a few yards back in and Jude stubbed his toe and needed a bandaid.  The hill I was working on was kicking my butt but it's just part of the job.
Then out of nowhere I saw something miraculous come whizzing by.  It was a a was our 85 year-old neighbor, Lois, on her riding lawnmower!  She had totally stopped what she was doing in the middle of one of my multiple interruptions, hopped aboard her mowing machine and took off to the largest part of our yard.  After about 20-30 minutes she had completed the entire front yard, waving to Jude around every turn, and then quietly puttered her mower back home to resume what she had been working on before.

She didn't ask if I needed help.  She could SEE it.
She didn't stop for a thank you.  She just left.
She saw a need and selflessly served our family in a HUGE way.

I can guarantee she isn't going to blog about her kind heartedness or post a status of how helpful she was to the struggling mom next door for a pat on the back or the rush of accolades that would surely follow such a post.  I thought for a second I saw her taking a selfie of herself on the lawnmower, but then quickly realized she was just waving again to the 2-year-old who is enamored with trucks, machines and trains.

My eyes teared up and my heart was definitely overwhelmed and humbled at the selfless act of kindness from a woman who tenderly tolerates my kids, even though they misplace the gravel in her driveway, trample her tulips and interrupt their evenings with deliveries of homemade cards and cookies.

I couldn't help but thank God for the blessing of my neighbor, and wonder what kind of homemade "thank you" we can interrupt her evening with tonight.
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