Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Take Five

Band: Praise Baby
Song Title: one of the millions that we have

Timer set for 5 minutes...


Jude asks for "babababa" all the time.  That would be Praise Baby.  And Praise Baby has literally saved my life.  Rainy and Zeke grew up with Praise Baby, Album Leaf and Sigur Ros on the same playlist.  We must have gotten a little tired of it by the time Cai came along and so the only time it played was to help the littles fall asleep.

But now, we have reopened the world of the Praise Baby videos and Jude is a HUGE fan.

I had forgotten how magical it is in calming and settling the most "energetic" of kids.

So, now that I have about 30 consecutive minutes to accomplish things again I naturally thought blogging would be the best to start my day:)

All the kids have finally settled into the normal school routine.  Just in time to track out next week, ha!
But that's ok, because we have the Via Family Vacation to attend and then it can officially become FALL!

When I was at the beach last weekend we walked into a Bath and Body Works.  They had FALL candles ya'll!  I opened one, breathed it deep and literally got chills as my body jolted forward a month into the crisp fall morning air, walks in the fall through the crunchy orange leaves and cold nights cuddled up by the firepit with tea or wassail.  I.CANNOT.WAIT.

BUT, we aren't there yet and that's ok.

I have been shocked by the goings on in social media lately.  I feel like everyone, Christians included, are taking way too much joy in the fall of others and it honestly hurts my heart.  It seems as though everyone just wants to have a fight to fight, and they will do it at the expense of others.

All my kids have had a shoe basket by the front door...except for Jude.  He had one pair of shoes so we just kept them in his diaper bag for easy access.  But a couple of weeks ago when I was going through our clothes bins for some shoes that would fit Cai and Laithy I ran across Cai's old rain boots.  And wouldn't you know, they fit JUDE!  So of course I had to get a basket to put his shoes in, and for some reason he is my only child that actually puts his shoes AWAY when he gets home...if I can actually get them off of his feet:)


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