Wednesday, April 2, 2014

24 Hours Worth Celebrating

My world has been changed forever!

Within the past 24 hours...

Cai has decided that he is (FINALLY) old enough to wipe himself - ya'll I'm down to a 1-butt-wiping mama now (well 2 if you count my own, but we won't go there...) and I can't tell you how thrilled that makes me!

Josh got home safely from Uganda - I pulled up the driveway to him sitting in a chair in the front yard with a hand full of sunflowers and a beaming face as the kids squealed with glee to get out of the car as quickly as they could to tackle him with love.  I finally got to catch up with him after 9pm when we finally got the kids in bed:)

Jude went to bed last night asking for "cawboes".  Oh you don't know what that means?  It means he wanted covers.  If you don't know him, since he was able to "speak his mind" (and throw things out of his bed) he has refused ANYTHING to be in his bed except his pillow pet and bubby.  It doesn't matter that the winter months are now behind us, ha!  It used to make me so uncomfortable seeing him sleeping without anything wrapped around him, as I like to have pillows and blankets nearly suffocating me while I sleep.  He now wants covers to cuddle up with in his bed:)  Now I am at peace seeing him all curled up in bed.

Alethia didn't freak out when Areyna didn't come home with us.  Rainy is her "person" and instead of getting all out of sorts to leave Rainy behind with some friends like she typically does, she embraced the reality that Rainy would be back in an hour or so and that she was going to have fun alone time with her brothers.  This was definitely a first!

We have a lot to celebrate around here!
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