Friday, March 21, 2014

You Can Count On It

Every day


there are specific things that I can totally count on.

Like Zeke coming out of his room in the morning wanting to know exactly when he can play his Batman LEGO game


Cai coming to me to help him take his jammie shirt off
and then turn his tshirt "inside for this out" so he can put it on
while telling me (as if I don't already have it toasting in the toaster) "mom, can I have two cinnamon toast-es?"

Alethia asking me, while closing her bedroom door at night, "tomorrow will you play with me?"

Cai asking for 3 things for his snack (it doesn't matter what 3 things, he just wants 3 things...and LOTS of those 3 things)

turning on our short video that goes with our family devotional and Cai asking if Josh can start it over so he doesn't miss one split second

Rainy wondering if we can go anywhere

Jude coming to tell on Cai about shutting a door in his face, or taking a car away from him, or pushing him over, or...

Cai making sure I know he does NOT want milk in his cereal but he DOES want bananas

Cai asking me to turn the light on in the secret hideout.

Sometimes predictability isn't so bad.
It's nice to be able to count on SOME predictability each day:)
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