Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, YAY!

I'm sitting here in the midst of chaos.  Our deepest, dearest friends/family, who happen to currently reside in Haiti, are here, in OUR HOUSE, for the weekend!  Between their 4 and our 5 we have the 9 happiest campers on the planet!
Areyna and cousin Ella ~ 2 peas in a pod
I couldn't be more happy with the sleeping bags and pillows, blankets and forts, cars and superheroes and girly trinkets that have literally exploded over the colony household.

I've had a bit of a run this week, but this is just what my weary soul needed!

Yesterday was Rainy's birthday.
She is now 9.
Half-way to 18.
The years of our main influence are quickly dwindling, and I am realizing more and more just how important these little years are.

My house is full and my heart is happy this morning.

Happy Saturday ya'll!

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