Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Small Transformation (of the homeowner variety)

I'm all about shared spaces in our home.

Our front door/foyer area used to be our homeschool room.
But after Rainy and Zeke headed off to school we decided to transform it into a, well, foyer, ha!

I've learned that change doesn't always necessarily come because you don't LIKE something.
Sometimes you just need a change of scenery:)



We used leftover paint from our bedroom.
Old children's IKEA artwork frames from Cai's baby room 
now frame some of our favorite scripture verses.
An old window frame from where Josh and I went to college.
A ring of old keys.  They are keys, and they are old (looking anyway), so they are AWESOME!
The red rocking chair is over 100 years old.  I traded in an old IKEA chair that we didn't use anymore at the 'ole Rolesville flea market for this bad boy:)

Now, you'll have to forgive Zeke's creativity circus area.  It doesn't stay clean for more than 10 seconds...and I'm okay with that (until I'm not, and then he has to go clean it again).

This bookcase is the old tool box from my parents barn that I found.

There are some of you that just LOVE to read...
and then there are some of us who need a little motivation;)

I just used an old photo frame, turned the backing around and wrote on the glass with dry-erase crayons.

TOTAL cost for this small space renovation: $0

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