Monday, February 3, 2014

I'll Never Be A Jones

I don't think I'll ever be a Jones.

You know, that family whose mother wears the perfect style, always looking her best.
The kids with more fashion than my whole family put together.
The latest and greatest technological devices and the brand spankin' new car.
The American dream home with vaulted ceilings, plush carpets and no flaws.

The thing is, none of us will EVER be a Jones.

We try so hard though, don't we.

No matter what the cost.

We think if we can just find the perfect couch, or get that sweater at the mall, or upgrade the crappy phone, you name your "Jones' temptation", then we will finally feel complete.  Finally feel as though we've arrived.

This desire for more is a beast though.
Times are always changing.
Styles are continuing to evolve.
There are ALWAYS home projects to be done and upgrades to be had.

If I look closely at that American dream, that "Jones" mentality, I don't see a single relational aspect though.

We could have all the gadgets in the world, but if my husband was so glued to those gadgets instead of engaged with the little people pulling on his leg, it would be meaningless.

I could have an abundance of money to keep up with the beautiful and changing styles, but if my heart was so impatient and rude toward those in my home, the beauty would only get me so far.

There is nothing wrong with the Jones's.  They are a fine family...but if it means that the focus is on all the stuff, all the possessions, all the "junk", then I say "no thank you".

Give me a home where my family feels safe, even if the toilet keeps overflowing when my husband leaves town, ha!
Give me a style that I can embrace with what I have, and the car with the shorted CD player and weird creaking noises (it is working just fine isn't it?), the old house with fun projects to tackle together after the kids go down for the night (even if they end up taking WEEKS to complete;).

Give me a family with love and respect for each other and a fear for the God who has given it all to us.

That's all I want to desire.
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