Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Words Worth Remembering

Cai:"Mom, I'm gonna save your seat for you so that everybody can't not get in it."


Cai:"I asked Wainy if she wanted cheese on her burger and she said she 'no'.  So don't put cheese on her burger."

Me:"So just a plain burger, right? No cheese?"

Cai:"Yeah.  And the brown stuff. Don't forget the brown stuff."

Me:"The brown stuff?"

Cai: pointing to the meat "Yeah, she wants that brown stuff on her burger too."

So she wants the burger on the burger. Got it.


Josh:"Alright, I'm making donuts! How many does everybody want?"

Cai:"I want thwee, thwee, thwee! ... Can after I have thwee can I have some mo?"


Me:"Cai what would you like on your beef taco?"
Cai:"Uhhhh, cheese...and the brown stuff. I want some of that brown stuff too!"

So you want beef in your beef taco. Got it.


Cai:"Hey Wainy, you wanna go have some alone time with me?  I'll give you one of my animow stikoes."


Zeke:"Sometimes when Cai cries I feel sad like I need to cry too."

(he's so stinkin' sensitive)


Cai:"When I gwowed up to be 6 I'm gonna wipe my OWN bootie!"


Noah:"What is that?"
Zeke:"Just my vitamins."
Noah:"What's it for?"
Zeke:"Well, sometimes I freak out..."


Cai (shyly talking about Ms. Beverly): "She always cawls me angel:)"


while playing with Alethia, Cai and Jude
Zeke:"EVERYBODY STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!  I just wanted to tell you Cai, I'm sorry I talked to you like that."

Every once in a while I think our parenting has actually sunken in;)
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