Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Command Center ~ mudroom in the kitchen

With a Colony this size there has got to be some semblance of order and routine.

I've created chore charts of various varieties over the years with no long term success.
We've tried brainstorming different ideas to keep a balanced home,
creating unity, self-worth tactics and a team work mentality.

So with a little motivation from Pinterest, random treasures found in my parent's barn
and a supportive husband who always seems to be mandatorily involved for all my many ideas (thanks pookie;)
we came up with a make-shift mudroom/command center

This is my little piece of heaven...

first of all, we needed a little motivation for why we do what we do
Made out of a piece of wood from an old crate I found, written on with a sharpie.
The letters I found HERE to resize, print and tied on with twine (my FAVORITE accent piece EVER).

Then we made a "work for hire" board.

I got the idea HERE.
Made with three cheap IKEA pictures frames already on hand, 
and some chicken wire from my parents barn.  Tied together with twine, of course;)

Instead of giving our kids an allowance, just because,
we decided we wanted to work on instilling the attitude of hard work and how it can pay off.

Josh and I thought of different jobs around the house that always need to be done
but that regularly get pushed aside.
Each job can be selected, completed and then after parent's approval the payment will be given.
They are paid in small coins so we can still instill the money management ideas of tithing, saving and spending.

We have the appropriate money for the jobs in little magnetic jars next to the pantry so it is ready to hand out for a job well done!

I found some old, black shutters in my parents barn.
We cut them in half and are using them for organizational purposes.
Each kid has their own organizer for school papers, party invitations and weekly chore charts

There is also a hook under each shutter for their book bag and coat.

My Menu board helps motivate me to plan out our meals every week.

Found the idea HERE and just covered a push pin board already on hand.

This not only helps lower my meal time anxiety, but helps with grocery shopping.
I also added a "My Little Helper" tag so they know who gets to help me prepare meals that day.
Because we ALL know that meal prep is NO FUN with too many "cooks" in the kitchen.
Plus then there isn't any arguing as to who is going to help mommy with what.
At least ONE DAY there won't be any arguing about who is going to help mommy with what;)

I can also place the recipes for that week on it so they are easily accessible.

So far this system is working GREAT!

The best thing, though...

Total for this project ~ $0
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