Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Redefining Your Job Description

If you are doing a task that almost never follows the job description it's nearly impossible to find satisfaction and contentment.

I am in a season of little people right now.

My world revolves around teaching the letters of the alphabet, keeping the sink empty and the dishwasher filled, fostering an atmosphere of forgiveness and servant hood, trying to get at least 1 bath in for the littles a week, keeping clothes on 5 little bodies (even if the Spider man costume gets sneaked into one of their classes unbeknownst to me), wiping stickies off of the refrigerator handles (and the car doors and light switches and kitchen table and...), sibling spats, concocting new ways to feasibly keep all these little hungry bellies full, endless question of when the next meal is, nap times and housecleaning.

When I get in a resentful rut or begin feeling sorry for myself because I can't go out with my girlfriends as much as I want, or go out to eat, or work out as much, or go to that show downtown, or go with Josh to that awesome gig out of town, or on the mission trip to Haiti (one day, Jenn, one day!), I just have to remind myself of my job description.

It is constantly changing and I can't dwell of the job description from my 20's or even from last year, for that matter.

If I can align my expectations with my current job description I am more likely to find my fulfillment in the (seemingly) mundane.

So for now my job description looks something like this:


Number one cheerleader for the head of the family. Comforter and provider for the colony children.  Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the household.

To create an atmosphere of peace, love and unity among the family unit, focused on Jesus Christ.


  • wake up with enough time to focus mind and guard heart for the day
  • selfless, undying love for the man of the house
  • patience and creativity with the colony children
  • provide loving correction and teaching for the colony children
  • keep up with household chores: laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking, etc.
  • healthy habits to ensure mental stability! (you laugh, but it's a MUST for me)

to accomplish above mentioned tasks with a happy, selfless, servant heart

Everything else is a BONUS!
Getting to work out 3 days this week.
Time to sit and read at a coffee shop (or locked in the back bedroom) alone.
Girls night out.
A date night to see a favorite band.
The ability to go on the road for the weekend with my man and play with incredible musicians.

The Bonus things are GREAT, but fulfilling my personal job description is fulfilling and satisfying:)

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