Monday, November 11, 2013

Last Night's Stats

1 question
Colony kids:"Can we sleep outside tonight?"

1 SHOCKING answer

5 turned heads and opened mouthed responses (4 kids / 1 adult)

1 reiteration

20 minutes deciding the perfect place to setup camp

132 "You are the BEST MOM EVER!"'s

27 trips in and out of the house to obtain the much needed "supplies" which included, but are not limited to:
4 pillows
8 blankets
6 costumes
18 stuffed animals
3 light up pillow pets
2 bubbies
74 pairs of undies
1 laundry bag for dirty laundry (of course)
4 bags of homemade pop corn
4 water bottles
3 changes of clothes for each child
4 ecstatic kids patiently awaiting the sun to go down to begin their adventure

46 "This is the BEST NIGHT EVER!"'s

2 bets on the table
(Josh ~ 8:30 / Me ~ 9:00)

1 dinner quickly scarfed down in order to get back on the trampoline campsite

20 dropped degrees and 2 hours in ~ still going strong!

a handful of trips in and out to make sure me and daddy are okay;)

45 more minutes of leaf falling games, telling stories and star gazing

2 full mama and daddy hearts as we watched from our perch in the living room by the fire

1 cold little Cai-bo almost done

1 little pep talk to tell him that "he can do it"

1 more trip back outside when 1 little cold thumb got shut in the door

1 crying, cold and tired Cai-bo was ready for bed at 9:45

30 minutes later and the rest of the crew who had braved the cold decided to call it quits

15 minutes of trips carrying in leaf-covered blankets, underwear and stuffed animals

10:25 pm marks the time that all 5 little Colony kids lay warm in their beds and fast asleep

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