Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We're All About The Little Things Around Here.

For the past couple of years Zeke has slept on the top bunk.

This means that he tends to be close to the air vent.

An air vent that looks like creepy hands are coming out of a face that resembles Joker.

Josh and I quickly realized that the vent and Zeke were never going to be close friends so we pinned a pillow case in front of the vent between it and the top bunk to hide it.

One night last week when Josh was gone Zeke kept coming out complaining about being hot.

By the time I finally went into his room he had stripped down to his underwear and the room fan was IN his bed!

I tried to explain that the cool air wasn't getting to him because of the sheet covering the vent.
I mentioned maybe taking it down to allow the cool air to circulate.

After thinking about it a few minutes he reluctantly allowed me to remove the sheet from the ceiling.

I tried to lightheartedly remind him that the vent was only a vent.  It's sole purpose was to provide cool air when sweaty boys need it:)

After he finally got situated in his bed I stood by the door with the hall light on, just to make sure that the transition was going to go smoothly.

He gave me a thumbs up shortly after feeling the cool air on his body and he melted into his bed.

Relief from the heat.
Relief from the fear.

We had a breakthrough last week.

Zeke may never completely overcome his fearful tendencies, but this seemingly little thing is an absolute victory for him!

We're all about the little things around here.
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