Monday, October 7, 2013

Not Me Monday

Josh has been out of town.

I finally find myself sitting down to relax after getting all the kids in bed.

Not two seconds later I hear frantic scurrying which sounds like the rodent-fingernail-on-the-wood-floor type.

I'll take bad guys over mice or rats any day!

I carefully take a glance into the dark dining room where the sound came from.


No more scurrying.

Check the guinnea pig cage in the adjacent room.
Tanny, the tan one, and Geoffrey, the girl, are still sitting in their cage.
Always Eating.
Plump as ever.
Still there.

I grab the flyswatter (or "smasher" as Zeke likes to call it), it's all I could think of besides a hammer, and Josh has grounded me from tools of the sort.  There are NOT holes in the boy's room which caused this kind of groundation, by the way.  I eyed the closest available chair to jump on in case of an emergency, because one should ALWAYS have an escape route or emergency evacuation plan when it comes to rodents in the house.

I reached in as far as I could to get the light on, while trying to keep my toes from actually going past the line of light and dark in the dining room...and then I froze.

Still nothing.

But then out the corner I spotted it...

...the world map had peeled off of the wall and was draping over a side table underneath with the table's contents on the floor all around it.

Now THAT would be funny, ha!

What a silly story:)

So glad I keep my wits about me when Josh is gone and don't turn unpeeling packaging tape into rodent nails on a wood floor.

'Cause then I'd have to spend the rest of my night curling my feet up under me and sleeping with my phone JUST IN CASE a real rodent wanted to bite my toes.
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