Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not Me Monday (on Wednesday)

I am that good mommy who yells down the hallway, "NO DOORS!", gently reminds the kids not to play with doors.

Yes, doors can be fun.
Opened then closed.
Closed then opened.
The fun never ends...until someone begins to cry.

Doors are bad.
Doors smash innocent fingers.
Doors cause tears.
Doors, doors, doors.

To our surprise our kids have never smashed a siblings fingers in a door...yet.

So this good mommy would never accidentally smash her oldest sons finger in the car door.
Causing major tears and fear that "it's NEVER going to go away!".
Which lead to the first Colony fingernail loss, which was the root of more major freak-outs and fear that "it's NEVER going to go away!".

And then, not even six months later, smash her youngest sons finger in the bedroom door, resulting in immediate gushing of blood and 45 minutes of consoling and wagon rides to calm the poor child.

That would just be TERRIBLE!
This good mommy would feel absolutely beside herself as to how her instructions to "not play with doors" would turn on her and she would be the cause of the only 2 finger smashing incidences to date.

I'm sure glad that's never happened around here.
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