Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is It Nap Time Yet?

Sometimes there are days when I am literally counting down the hours until bed time.

I just need a second to catch my breathe.  I need a restart.

Those days just happen.
That's just part of being a mom.

But sometimes there are other days when I am so self-absorbed that I want nap time or bed time to be here already so I can do my own thing.  (Why is it that my kids seem so easy to love while they are asleep;). I'm tired of sharing myself. My body. My words. EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING.  I want to be in my own little world with no distractions.

I'm tired and I want ME time, darn it!

These are the days where motherhood has become a chore.
These are the days where I've lost sight of the importance of my full-time job.
These are the days when I think that I DESERVE my own space.

I don't want to just "get through" my day waiting for the next nap time or bed time so I can have "me" time.  I don't want to waste the precious days I have with the kids I have been entrusted to guide through life.

I've found that if I try to embrace the times that they are awake, instead of resentfully biding my time until the next sleep, I gain back my perspective and am able to actually ENJOY that time with them.

Today I am choosing to embrace my life as mom.
These days WILL NOT last forever!
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