Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Secret To Every Mom's Freedom

Sometimes playing the "what if" game is strictly of the devil himself, and brings pity, resentment, feelings of negative self-worth, depression and so much more.

But sometimes it can lead to complete and total freedom.

For instance...

"What if" every mom thought for themselves?!

I know...it's shocking.
But, surprisingly VERY difficult.

We have friends, mentors, books and social media full of great advice!  Don't get me wrong, I am in knee deep with most of these and each one of them can all be VERY good, but just because a tactic works for one family doesn't mean it will work for your family.  Just because a certain lifestyle works for our family doesn't mean it will work for your family.

But, really, "what if" every mom could look to her OWN family's dynamics, characteristics, needs and talents and strategized what was best for her own family?

"What if" she sought council from wise moms and mentors around her to see what worked for their families, but didn't feel as though they were a failure, themselves, if it didn't work for their own family.

"What if" she kept up with all the latest parenting books but read it through Christ's filter for her OWN life and family dynamics?  Maybe she would feel less like she had a gazillion more things to work on and more like she had a few more extra ideas to pull out in case she needed it.

"What if" the working mom, who has no choice but to work, or even feels called to work, stopped caring about the few who thought less of her for doing so, and just embraced the roll she was in and did it with joy and pride, making no apologies along the way!

"What if" the mom who is home alone for long hours while her husband works the less-than desired 9-5 hour job stopped complaining about all the time her husband has to put in and rejoiced in the fact that God had provided a job exactly when it was needed and if she felt like this wasn't the right fit for her family decided to speak to her husband about getting a different job and praying toward a different direction, while embracing the season she has found herself in the midst of.

"What if" the mom who had absolutely no conviction about organic, whole grain, no grain, or WHATEVER, just stopped listening to the other voices about this being the ONLY way to eat if you cared anything at all about your kid's health.  If you choose to eat organic, awesome!  If not, awesome!

Easier said than done, I know.

But I PROMISE you can do it and here is how:

Make the choices for your family based on YOUR family, not someone else's.  Seek God's council and wisdom.  Ask for conviction if something needs to change. Get in the word daily.  Ask God for the humble confidence you need to embrace the direction He has for YOUR family and let go of whatever you think (or know) others might say about you.

Did you catch that?


Remember who you are trying to please.

But whatever you do (homeschool/public school, organic/processed, stay at home/work, spank/reprimand, extra curricular activities/lots of white space for family time, eat out/ home cooked, consigned/clearance/full price) do it as unto the Lord.
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