Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Free-For-All

Well, another week has come and gone.  It's so crazy to me how life just keeps on going and going.  You have good days, bad days...busy days, relaxed days...but no matter what season you are in, it just keeps going.  It may feel like time is inching by but at the same time others may feel as though it is flying away.

Speaking of time.  I was trying to explain the concept of time to Zeke, who was absolutely beside himself disheartened over the fact that he had waited so long to do his homework that he had to spend his "extra time" at night to complete it.  I drew a timeline starting at the time he gets home from school and ending at the time he goes to bed.  I tried to explain that the amount of time in between was the exact same, but the stuff he does within that time will look different everyday, so in all actuality he DID get to play just as long that day, even though he felt like he was getting shafted during his "extra time".

Here is his response to my clever presentation: "Uhhhh, mom, can we just keep working on my homework?"

Maybe I'll just give it some time to sink in;)

We are taking cupcakes to Zeke's class during lunch today to celebrate his birthday.  YES, I am very well aware that Zeke's birthday was on July 6th and that this is actually Cai's birthday weekend, but have you not learned anything yet?!  Everything birthday gives me anxiety!  So Zeke, bless his little heart, is a very lucky little boy to get cupcakes AND a birthday party after school consisting of fun-filled games (ie. pizza eating and ice cream topping choosing).  Good thing he is young and resilient.  Hopefully he will make it out of Elementary school without being scarred too badly.

Josh challenged me (conveniently AFTER I executed a 4.5 mile run, ahem) to a running competition.  We have 26 days to run 35 miles.  I am only .8 miles ahead of him today, but have no fear, I am a pretty determined girl, and I WILL WIN this challenge!  I've never run this much in my life, even during soccer season, I'm pretty sure!

I have been so ready for today.  You know why?  It's Josh's day off!  He hasn't been home before 10pm in days working hard to get everything in order for our Saturday night services that launch this weekend.  I'm excited for this next season.  I love having a husband that works so hard!  (Just don't ask me how much I mind those late nights at 8:30pm when I'm STILL working on getting the Colony in bed, ha!)  It helps knowing that these late nights only last for a season:-)

So here I go.  Off to enjoy a much-needed family day...and cupcakes at school...and a month-late birthday party with a bunch of stinky little boys running around in Batman costumes and handmade bows and arrows.  I love my life!
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