Thursday, August 1, 2013

At This Very Moment

At this very moment...

Bon Iver's remix is playing in the background

Jude is taking his morning nap

a load of laundry is drying that had been sitting in the dryer , undried, for who knows how long, but at least they don't stink yet

I am making mental notes of all the things I need to get done before we head up to VA this afternoon to play for a friend's wedding

a load of wet laundry is sitting in the washer, just waiting for its turn to dry

a thought of yesterday's whirlwind of watching 9 little ones all day just raced through my mind

Alethia is yelling, "Is this ilarious? Is this ilarious?" over and over while banging two cars on the metal side table

my right calf is screaming in protest from my 10 mile run the other day.  Yes, you read that right...10 MILES!

Cai is singing theme music while he lines his superheroes up on the fireplace

I'm thinking that I really need to get my mental to-do list on paper so I don't forget anything

a brief thank you was whispered to God for allowing us to live so close to our school for mornings like this, when Zeke realizes, right before hopping out of the car in the drop-off line with 8 cars waiting patiently behind us, that everything hasn't been done "JUST SO", resulting in a quick trip back home, to complete everything "JUST SO", in order to take him back to school, feeling reassured and confident that everything was done to his approval...*sigh*

a quick reminder to a certain little colony member to be thankful for what we DO have

the thought that one of my best friends lives in Uganda, and another is quickly on her way to all the nations...

a wave of urgency to get started on that to-do list, but my body being unwilling to put a single thing into action

the dryer just stopped, which means that I really could get moving in the direction of packing up all the little clothes that need to be put into a suitcase...but maybe just one more minute

listening to Alethia and Cai conversing about Riddler and Batman's birthday party that is about to take place in the Barbie house

...and so my life goes...and I smile...and maybe, just maybe those clothes will miraculously pack themselves this time:)

Happy August Everyone!
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