Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hope For The Middle Class

Poor, poor middle kids.

The older kids get to go to friends houses, have sleepovers, head to school, do student ministry, movie nights, stay up later, get new(er) clothes, go on field trips.  And we won't even talk about all the pictures of the first kid(s).

Even the younger kids get special privileges!  They get to have lots of snacks before dinner because "their tummy's are littler and need to have something to 'tide them over' ", tend to get the "last child" cuddles, you know in the mornings or after naps, or right before bed.  And we won't even talk about all the pictures of the last kid(s).

But the poor, poor middle class...

I've been reminded this week that I need to make sure I take time to meet the needs of the middle class. To hear their little voices.  To realize that the heart behind some of their actions is the desperate cry of a very low or empty love tank that just needs to be filled up.  That needs just a little something special.

It's especially hard with a family with lots of children like ours, but it can be done.  And the God who granted us these little beings to care for knows exactly what they need and has equipped us moms with exactly what we need when we need it, if only we stay focused on Him.
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