Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things That Make Jude...Jude

he loves to eat.

but if it's not what he has a hankering for he does the ol' grab and drop.
and the area around his chair proves it!
(yeah, we're working on that)

if he doesn't like the taste or texture of something he blows it out like he's blowing raspberries.
(yeah, we're working on this one too)

if someone is laying of the floor, he will charge you and stand straight up over you, followed by a very aggressive pounding down on the chest.
(yeah, we're working on the word "gentle")

he has this thing where he "dances" by rocking back and forth on his hands and knees incessantly.
(very odd, but super cute)

has has this other little thing where he laughs in my face when he is being disciplined or reprimanded.  The more stern I am, the harder he laughs.
(yeah, we're working on that as well, ha!)

We love you, Jude.  Every single, rotten little bit of you.
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