Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Me Monday

We all know that I don't fight the clothing battle.


So when Zeke comes running down the hall in his Spiderman get-up, right before heading out the door to meet our extended family for dinner at a restaurant, I'm totally cool with it.

It should really come as no surprise.

But I have to draw the line somewhere...right?!

Spidey must be tamed.
Trained in being civil with polite manners.

So, when the aforementioned Spidey, becomes thirsty, after fighting the bad guys off at the park outside of the restaurant with his sidekick HawkEye, he would politely come up to me, informing me of his thirst.
Thanks for the photo capturing our great mothering skills, Jenn;)
Because if he didn't let me know of his dire predicament,

he might just... inside the restaurant, that we had earlier frequented, full-masked and bare-footed, zipping in and out of tables like a maniac, searching for some kind of contraption to hold liquid, such as a small sauce cup on the condiment stand, and then, in his haste, completely cut in front of the line of people waiting to fill their drink cups, place his little sauce cup under the water tap, fill it to overflowing, and in everyone's shock and astonishment continue to hold up the line in order to guzzle it down until his thirst had been quenched.

Completely oblivious to the fact that he just ran into a restaurant full of people, and not into our kitchen, to get a drink.

Gosh, can you imagine?!

If that ever happened to me I don't know if I'd own up to being responsible for that child;)
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