Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'll Never Understand

how Jude can detest yummy food that is given to him, resulting in target practice on the floor, but shovel handfuls of sand and dirt into his mouth and successfully swallow it without even a grimace of "grossness"

why the dentist always tries to carry on conversations with me while inserting their fist and tools in my mouth

how the kids can beg and beg for Josh and I to blow up the "big" pool, and then as soon as it is FINALLY filled up with water, they get distracted with the sticks and buckets in the yard that they completely forget the pool that they just begged to go swimming in

how Zeke can be SO full of energy...until he is asked to go clean up his costumes, with which he falls to the floor, moaning, because he is "just sooooo tired"

how the kids will finally start playing so sweetly soon as it's time to start getting ready for bed

how someone can put an ice cube tray back in the freezer with only 1 ice cube left in it

why Areyna can speed through her homework some days and other days, when there is actually LESS homework, it can take all.night.long

how shoes and sippy cups mysteriously disappear as soon as it's time to walk out the door

how toothpaste can end up all over the counter, smeared down the cabinet, on the floor, next to the toilet and on the curtains in the living room

how empty cereal boxes always make themselves back into the pantry

why dinner made by somebody else always tastes so much better

why going potty after lights out is always a much longer process than in the middle of play time

why Alethia's tummy only hurts when she is asked to eat her carrots, but miraculously heals by the time we pass out the cookies

Can you add to the list?
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