Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Borrowed Easter

OK, so I completely blew it this Easter in the photo department.

I didn't even buy new outfits for my kids this year.  We went shopping in their closets and they "helped" me pick out an outfit that was kid-tested and mom-approved and we just went with it.

I had too many other things to think about, including a huge family get together/cookout/Easter egg hunt/goodbye shindig that had people arriving at the scene before we even got home from church on Sunday afternoon!

It was so, so much fun, but that is my rational for not getting many pictures of the chaos festivities:)

I managed to capture a couple during the Easter egg hunt on my phone and a borrowed group one from a friend.

So here you have it ~ Easter 2013
Alethia and her beautiful purple dress
My super sweet niece, Bella
the masses
on a mission
Thanks for this photo, Jenn!  She knows how to capture the impossible:)

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