Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finding My Sunshine

I don't do good with consecutive cloudy days...or boxes, or clutter, or dressers anchored to the wall...ahem...anyway.

I remember when I lived in Wisconsin and we had a record for the most consecutive days without sunshine.  The whole town was on edge by the end.  It was awful!

Those gloomy days make it hard for me to be self-motivated and productive.  The gloom seems to seep into every area of my life, making it hard to clear my "perspective lens" from the fog and haze.

I know that the Lord has better plans for me, even on cloudy days, but it can seem impossible to rise above sometimes.

That is when I have to search for my sunshine in other places.

Like spontaneous "I love you's" from the kids
checking just ONE thing off of my to-do list
watching Jude snack on last night's dried-up spaghetti on the floor (which absolutely constitutes as ONE of the 5 food groups, right?!)
finding another home for the pile of randomness that's been sitting on the kitchen counter
watching my husband get the kids all wound up...even if it is 5 minutes until bedtime
sipping on the warm cup of coffee, even if it is the necessary 3rd cup for the morning.

There is sunshine all around you, you might just need to look in the little places instead of the sky:)
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