Monday, February 18, 2013

Just This Morning


She's just days away from turning 8.


Just this morning she woke up early, on her own, to take a shower.

She washed her own hair.

She picked out her own clothes.

She asked if I could curl her hair.

Then she went in the kitchen to make her own lunch.

And after she was done she climbed the counter to get a bowl out of the cabinet.

Not one of those kid bowls from IKEA, but one of my bowls.  MY big bowls.

Then she pulled out a real spoon right before pouring her own cereal and adding her own milk.

When did she get so big?

When did she stop needing me to DO things for her?

When did the "mommy-said-so-so-it-must-be-true" turn into "that's-not-what-________-said"?

Days away from becoming a TWEEN.

She may not need me to DO things for her anymore, but she needs me.

Now she needs me to answer tough questions.

Questions with answers more in the gray area, because life just isn't so black and white anymore.

She needs me to listen to her talk...and talk and talk:)

She needs me to be there to cry to about friends who are being not-so friendly.

I am entering a new era of motherhood as my not-so-baby girl enters a new stage of life.

Baby, we better hold on tight, because life is about to get real interesting around here...

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