Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eight Things

Today is the day where my sweet "Peace and Joy" turns 8!

Yup, we're getting older she's getting older...

It's sad, sweet, exciting, scary, overwhelming...

But life doesn't slow down just because I want it to:)


We love you for SO many reasons, but here are the TOP 8 things that make my heart smile about you in this particular season of your life:

1-Your style.  That's right. The way you can pull off large pastel polkadot shirts with deep colored striped leggings is beyond me, but oh how it makes my heart smile.

2-Your motivation.  Ok, so it might frustrate me a little bit that I can't motivate you, but I love how, on your own initiative, you can set your mind to something, and NOTHING can get in the way of you completing your goal!

3-Your help.  You love to feel needed.  I love walking into church and having people come up to me and tell me you've been helping the band print their tags or helping Ms. Kim make the coffee.  It delights my heart to see you want to help others.

4-Your softening heart toward your Heavenly Father.  You are searching for answers.  You are memorizing scriptures.  You are learning how to navigate through the Bible on your own.  You are enjoying sharing it with your sister behind closed doors in the dark of your bedroom as she falls asleep.

5-Your sensitivity to correction.  Your heart is deeply saddened when you are told that you have hurt someone and that you need to change.  Conviction is growing in your heart.

6-Your imagination.  You love being a spy (you must get that from me;) or playing fairy or "decorating" the yard with Zombies and ghosts to scare people.  I hope you NEVER lose your creative bent.

7-Your relationship with your sister.  The different skin tones mean NOTHING to either of you.  It thrills my heart to see you love on Alethia as I watch ya'lls relationship grow!

8-YOU!  Just you! All the things that make you YOU.  Even the ones that I don't particularly like, I LOVE because they make you YOU. And YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I love you, sweet Areyna.

Happy 8th Birthday.


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