Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sideways Energy

I have really been struggling with anger and bitterness this week.

I have a tendency to want to prove people wrong when I know that I am right.
I want them to know the truth, and I want to be the one to tell them.
Sometimes the people are well-meaning, but are basing their whole case on misinformation, because they have never gone directly to the source to sort out the truth.

It almost always comes out of a desire to "put them in their place", especially if they have all the "facts" wrong, and not out of love.

It becomes all I can do to hold my tongue and keep my opinion to myself.

It begins to affect my outlook on life and my attitude toward my family.  It is draining of energy, and sometimes paralyzing.

I was talking with my husband about it.
We like to talk about things.
He is such a godly voice of reason in this head full of raw emotion.
I think I might be falling for him;)

He wisely reminded me of what our Pastor always says about things like this.
He simply, but matter-of-factly, shakes his head and says, "sideways energy", and moves on.

That's it.

It is a distraction.

We are never promised that when we make bold decisions for Christ that it is going to be easy, or that everyone else (even if they are believers) will not find fault in the decision, or throw false accusations our way.

When I hear this I can't help but think about the passage in Philippians 4 that commands us to think only on true, honorable, just, pure and lovely things.

So I have to make a choice, and admittedly probably more than one time for most circumstances, not to dwell on the sideways energy that the enemy tries to use to derail the truth.

Today This morning This moment I am choosing to dwell on Christ, and when the next moment comes I'll have to make that choice again.
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